About Me


This is me. I do tech stuff.

I designed this site so I had a place to store some of the crap I throw together. It's a farrago of randomness, largely inspired by boredom.

The majority of my background is in data warehousing, data integration, data science and analytics, and function as a service, serverless, and event-driven architectures. I'm also a firm believer that visualizations give weight to data. It helps us to more easily explore, to understand and to leverage information and transform it into knowledge.

This site gives me an opportunity to write about all things data that I pretend to know about.

I've worked in the tech field for a long time (I started out writing SAS and IBM MVS JCL on a mainframe, if that gives you any indication of how long). I'm currently designing data intensive applications using FaaS and serverless architectures, as well as horizontally scalable, hosted analytic platforms, primarily leveraging open source technologies where possible, and I build and lead technology teams. Or at least I try to.

I work primarily with AWS as a hosting provider and use some set of the following languages and applications in my current or former day-to-day life (to varying degrees of expertise), and yes, I left out the mainframe:

Data Integration Misc AWS
Distributed Compute Columnar & MPP
RDBMS Data Visualization
Graph Database Web/Front End

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